"Nordisk Kontrabass has sounds I've found nowhere else - it is awesome.  I've been using it on everything since I got it and I love it.  It is expressive, emotive and honestly just really fun to play with."

Nordisk Kontrabass is one of those instruments that carries inspiration with it. Itable to do whatever classic string work I needbut I can also tweak the sound and dive into the unique textures to get somethincompletely new. Nordisk Kontrabass was used in the film Icurrently scoring within an hour of getting it. 

Ialways on the lookout for unique and unusual string libraries and Nordisk Kontrabass fits the bill perfectly. It has loads of articulations Ive never heard sampled before and is great for adding some really organic Nordic string textures to tracks. Ive recently used it on a cue for a show on Discovery Channel and it went down really well - highly recommended! 

As a professional composer for film and television you are in a constant search for good virtual instruments and sample libraries to help you to create your sound and express yourself. Nordisk Kontrabass is one of those libraries that stands out as something new. Something exciting and fresh to integrate with your more standard orchestral libraries.  

It gives you the contemporary and colorful universe of the solo double bass.  

Perfect for subtle, nuanced and organic underscore but also as an exciting and fresh sonic element to build your score around 

"I had the pleasure of using Nordisk Kontrabass in 2  feature films I’m scoring, I was surprised at how well it stands on it’s own. It’s much more than a Bass Library. The GUI is easy to navigate and it sounds absolutely gorgeous. It’s one of those things I wish was created just for me lol. Huge props to Have Instruments! :)"

"The first time I heard Nordisk Kontrabass I knew it's a must have! As a trailermusic composer you are always in need of unique sounds and this sample library has lots of outstanding articulations I have never heard before. 

Nordisk Kontrabass works not only as an authentic sounding instrument - it's also really great as a solid sound design tool.